Erik A. Kaiser, CEO

I startup and operate companies, solve problems, and invest in ideas.

Some of my ventures:

About me

The focus of my companies is to solve market problems with scalable solutions. With my 100+ global team behind me, we design, manufacture, market, and distribute all of our products in-house. My wife, Wanchen, is our CMO, and we actively invest in acquisitions or startup ideas.

We have operations in the US, China, Colombia, and the Philippines. Read more.

Erik Kaiser Venture

  1. How I make better decisions by using data.

    In order to make better decisions, it is essential to overcome the fear of data and embrace the power of information. This valuable lesson has pr...
  2. Maybe you're successful

    “That founder is successful.” Successful at what, exactly? I lost $3 million on a $70 million real estate deal. That was a huge success. You doubt ...
  3. CRUSH

    After 1.5 years of development, I will soon be launching CRUSH. What is it? It is a productivity tool to help anyone remember thoughts and ideas wi...

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