Erik A. Kaiser, CEO

I startup and operate companies, solve problems, and invest in ideas.

Some of my ventures:

About me

The focus of my companies is to solve market problems with scalable solutions. With my 100+ global team behind me, we design, manufacture, market, and distribute all of our products in-house. We actively invest in startups.

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Erik Kaiser Venture

Featured Content

  1. Product Launch without Paid Ads

    by Erik Kaiser

    In March 2024, I launched a landing page for CRUSH, my innovative AI Voice Recorder, and announced its upcoming Kickstarter debut in early summer. Leveraging my X account, I engaged followers with insights into CRUSH’s development, its functionalities, and its target audience, utilizing content strategies from Ross Simmonds' book, Create Once, Distribute Forever. This approach emphasizes efficient content use across platforms tailored to our audience, significantly saving on ad spend and enhancing audience understanding. This strategic content placement and adaptation across media forms, like videos, blog posts, and shorts, not only amplified our message but also deepened user engagement, proving vital for our early success.

  2. Never use a brush on wet hair. Hello BEST COMBS.

    by Erik Kaiser

    I rented an electron scanning microscope when I was working on the research and development behind what is now TYCHO. In order to understand hair c...
  3. Artists don’t start with a canvas.

    by Erik Kaiser

    Founders don’t start with a product. I proudly acknowledge my CRUSH development took 2.5 years from concept to prelaunch, well beyond the year or l...

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