Product Launch without Paid Ads

What is CRUSH?

At the end of March 2024 I published a landing page to capture the emails of people who were interested in learning more about CRUSH, my new AI Voice Recorder. With a plan to officially launch on Kickstarter in early summer 2024, I took to my X account to give CRUSH a "Hello world" moment. I began creating content to inspire my followers to learn more. I showed them ways I use CRUSH, why I spent years developing it, and for whom it can be most useful.

The early success can in part be attributed to a system designed by Ross Simmonds (here on X). Documented in his book, Create Once, Distribute Forever, Ross (Amazon) outlines that knowing your audience, where you can find them, and remixing your content into various forms for them is a winning strategy. It is.

There was a wake up call when I shifted my mindset from being on the content hamster wheel to reusing my content. For instance, a snappy video I might shoot on some of the functionality of CRUSH being the most purpose-designed product optimized to document a thought faster than anything that has ever been designed will be cut down to multiple pieces of content. A shorter version will exclusively discuss Ross's book, and another will be a shorter version for YouTube shorts. There will even be a blog post on my website (you probably figured out that already).

Placement of the content needs to be strategic. Blasting it out on every platform in hopes your audience is there is counterproductive to the objective of getting attention. Instead, resources should directed to platforms where your audience already exists thereby maximizing your return on effort expended.

This system has saved at the very minimum $50,000 in ad spend. It has cost time and effort to produce content and build an audience, but the learning about the audience in the process has proved to be equally invaluable to delivering the right message. There are different use cases for CRUSH, and hyper engagement in the earliest part of the launch continues to yield more returns.