Never use a brush on wet hair. Hello BEST COMBS.

I rented an electron scanning microscope when I was working on the research and development behind what is now TYCHO. In order to understand hair care treatments, I needed to understand hair. Yes, down to an incredible detail. It's my nature.

All of our attention and the attention of the hair care market is directed at shampoos, conditioners, and hair treatments of every type. Yet, while I was really getting a good look at hair at 100,000x I was struck with the observation that there is probably a relationship between healthy hair and the tools used for detangling, straightening, brushing, and curling.

My instincts were correct. Upon closer inspection of hair and common combs and brushes, I learned how imperfect plastic and common, inexpensive brushes actually rip and cut our hair. It's hard to see how it happens to the naked eye, but the evidence is usually tangled in a hairbrush. No, it's not just one of the hundred hairs that fall out daily. Brushes have hair literally cut off the head by a comb or a brush.

This is because the actual manufacturing process of a plastic injected comb or a spiky Wet Brush with flexible teeth on a pillow bed have either plastic flash or manually cut ends exposed. Both ack like a knife.

Now, once in my mind it stays there and gradually collects more information. In Q1 I met Ivan Zoot who is first and foremost, and generally intelligent man with a specific technical knowledge of hair and the combs that go through it. I told Ivan that I wanted to explore reinventing the comb - the sleepiest tool in the global beauty industry. He is a hair educator, a businessman, and an entrepreneur; exactly the kind of partner I needed to collaborate.

Over about six months we went heavy into R&D, sharing everything we know, and asking questions to which we yet to get an answer. Ivan knows combs. He has a warehouse of various brands and styles. He can tell you the anatomy of a comb (spine, tooth, root) in detail to the function. We collaborated on designs and solutions to major problems of detangling.

Detangling. Yes. There are variations of tangles, knots, and snarls. Out-of-the-shower tangles, midday in a convertible top down tangles, light tangles just from head movement. We designed a tooth based on an aerodynamic design with glide properties to minimize any tugging. We notched our handles and spine. And we built the world's most effective wet detangling comb we have ever seen or experienced. Our root is smooth to promote slippage.

We are coming to market with our designs likely through a Kickstarter campaign. They will fly on TikTok, however at the time of this writing we do not know if there will be such an app within a week.

There is so much more to know about BEST COMBS surrounding the design logic, why our combs are better (the best, actually). Our expectation is to launch in summer 2024.