Our investment interests

There are two primary types of investments we make:

1) Direct startup investment into an idea where we additionally contribute our operation.

Example: An entrepreneurial idea with a manufacturing component to which we can be value-added investors. The founder is able to leverage our operation to accelerate growth. We will help develop the product and bring it to market as a team.

2) Acquisition of whole or part of a generally struggling startup of 10 years or less.

Example: A founder has is either losing money or struggling to implement a plan for growth. Likely there is a manufacturing or marketing issue. The founder is looking for smart capital to advance with a clear roadmap.

Many times founders are minority shareholders, and they are often tied to a personal guarantee for a loan (private, bank, and/or SBA). 


We also freely support startups (read here). If you are interested in talking out a scenario or discussing an investment, please reach out here.