• TYCHO Scent Sampler

TYCHO Scent Sampler

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The Aroma of Everyday Luxury

Ever go to a luxury hotel or spa, and one of your memories are the fragrances of their bath and body products? We have.

So why can't we have that everyday? We decided we can. We engaged the world's largest fragrance formulator, and we reached our goal.

Fragrance is hard to describe

We know how important it is in bath and body purchase decisions. We all open the cap at the pharmacy to find out what it smells like inside. We dream of a better life when we smell something unique.

We offer to you, for free, the opportunity to really experience TYCHO fragrance since the online experience is only audiovisual.

We are so confident in our fragrance

Open one of our scents and put it into your shower. Transform it into a personal spa haven, captivating your senses with our meticulously designed. Then come back and get the full experience with our solid and better shower essentials.